“I feel fortunate to be a part of a team that exudes the highest level of teamwork and professionalism. They truly care about all of our residents as well as their employees.”

Staff member in the common kitchen where she has just put out pastries and fruit for snacks
High Level of Teamwork

“My Encore community is a part of my family. We offer care, compassion, love, safety and wellbeing for our residents. I learn so much for them – they teach me to be a better me, and they give me the true meaning of happiness.

Staff Member sitting with resident while she plays the piano
Part of My Family

“My mom’s need for additional care and support happened suddenly and was very stressful and overwhelming for both of us. Your excellent care center and staff made the whole process easier. The Cudahy Place staff is so wonderful, attentive, and supportive.”

Staff member looking at a photo album with a female resident
Additional Care and Support

“My mother receives the care she needs, and everyone goes out of their way to make sure she adjusts to her new home at Clifden Court.”

Senior friends enjoying tea on the patio
New Home

“I appreciate everything you do for my mother. You made us feel welcomed and like we were a part of a family.”

Female resident taking her dog for a walk
Part of the family

“The joy on your residents’ faces is certainly a reflection of the good care they receive.”

Man working on a craft with friends

“From the moment my father moved to an Encore community, the staff’s warmth, compassion and kindness made our transition so much easier. My family has so much peace of mind knowing that the Encore team is caring for my mom.”

Staff member reading with a male resident in the library
Compassion and Kindness

“My siblings, all of whom live out of state, comment about how happy my mother sounds on the phone. I agree – she receives the help she needs to feel safe and secure in her new Encore home.”

Senior woman smiling while eating ice cream in the "diner"
Safe & Secure